The key to editing and story-telling is pace. It’s in these broad strokes or one frame adjustments that we heighten the viewer’s energy or slow it down and let them breathe.


That’s what we do here.


the work



GolPost is owned and operated by NATAS Emmy award winning editor Jim Golingo.

Jim has worked in film, broadcast and on many successful television series and corporate campaigns over the last 20 years. Aside from being a craftsman in post production and motion graphics, he offers creative and solutions to stories from concept to delivery.


Though GolPost’s beginnings are strongly rooted in post-production, today you will find a first in class team of professionals offering an end to end video solution. Companies and productions entrust GolPost to tell their story through thoughtful and innovative approaches given to each project. Whether it's adding in broad strokes or one frame increments...it's the details, details, details. And, at the same time, enjoying the craft and delivering a product that is professional, creative and unique.


GolPost INC

900 1st Ave South, Suite 303

Seattle, WA 98134


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