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Emmy award winning editor Jim Golingo and his trusty sidekick, Taryn Graham, have been in the industry for many years in multiple capacities. Be sure to check out our full list of services!

Maybe you're asking yourself, what kind of stuff do they work on?

And the answer is...just about anything. Broadcast, Documentary, Commercial, Corporate, heck, we'll even talk to you about your passion projects.


We've also worked on numerous large events like Microsoft Ignite, Build and E3. We understand the importance of spec, brand and deadlines. It's not just tech and best practice that is second nature to us,  we also know how important the story is. And when it comes to putting it all together, the key to editing is pace. It’s in these broad strokes or one frame adjustments that we heighten the viewer’s energy or slow it down and let them breathe.

So how do you encapsulate over 20 years of work onto one website?

You don't.

Here's a very small sampling of what GolPost's been up to.

Feel free to inquire for additional samples.

GolPost Reel 2022
Mt Sinai
Sierra Harvest
Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER (official trailer)
Your Father Was A Very Loving Man
Rotary Thank You
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